Little Genius Puzzle

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Has your little one just discovered numbers? They love to count, but only have their fingers to count on right now?

Our Little Genius Puzzle  was designed with the Montessori & Waldorf principles of learning in mind.

When it comes time to develop your children’s counting abilities they will be totally absorbed with the Little Genius Puzzle!

That also means less time in front of their iPads and more time learning whilst they play!


How it works

With over 50 counting rings, numbers 1-10 and a plus and minus symbol, your children are not just limited to using their fingers to learn how to count at home.

Each individual piece fits onto the board like a puzzle. It teaches them where each number fits in the sequence and has a set or corresponding counting rings.

Not only will they master addition and subtraction before they put on their first school shirt... They will also learn depth perception and hand-eye coordination from the bonus fishing game.

Less spilt cups, bottles and glasses for you to clean up!


✅ Long Lasting & Durable Material

✅ Multiplayer - So It Keeps All Kids Busy

✅ Keeps The Mind Busy Without Electronics

✅ Eco-Friendly & Great For The Environment

✅ Safe For Your Home - Non Toxic & BPA Free

✅ Better Grip & Less Dropped Bottles, Cups & Glasses

✅ Teaches Counting, Addition, Subtraction & Hand-Eye Coordination

✅ Teaches Shades & Pastelles Beyond The Colours Of The Rainbow

✅ Less Time In Front Of Screens - Montessori Design To Keep Them Challenged

Why You Should Buy Little Genius Puzzle


The Little Genius Puzzle was designed with Montessori & Waldorf philosophy of learning and education. It focuses on the cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of children. 

The puzzle is designed to develop hand-eye coordination and depth perception in young children well in advance of when they would normally learn it. Meaning your kids will get the best possible foundation for them to live their lives.

The Little Genius Puzzle is eco-friendly, safe and durable. It shows your family the value you place on the planet by not buying another plastic toy that will likely end up in landfill in the next few years after it spent months at the bottom of the toy box.

The premium sturdy wood can easily survive the terrible twos and won’t cause cuts, scrapes, scrapes or zaps that might result in your little angels needing to go to the emergency room.

(It might also make for a great drinking game for the adult’s Games-Night). 😉

Did you know that many of our competitors ship straight from China, which can take over 25+ business days. 😱

We ship local from our warehouse in Australia + FAST & FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE!

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