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"This toilet trainer has been a lifesaver! My toddler feels so much more confident and it's super stable. A must-have for any parent!"
Mary F.

Australia’s #1 Toilet Training Tool For Toddlers

Are you sick and tired of constantly changing filthy nappies that cost a fortune? Is your toddler ready to take their next step in their development?

Imagine a world where your toddler confidently walks to the bathroom, uses the toilet, and comes out with a sense of pride, accomplishment and a massive smile. Your days of changing dirty nappies are finished with our NEW Toddler Toilet Trainer!

Benefits Of The Toddler Toilet Trainer

✅ Save $1,000’s On Nappies Every Year

✅ Boosts Confidence, Independence & Self Reliance For Toddler

✅ Easily Cleaned In Seconds

✅ Makes Transition From Nappies To Toilet Seamless

✅ 80% More Comfortable Than Regular A Potty

✅ Adjustable & 100% Safe For Your Child

✅ Stop Changing Filthy & Disgusting Nappies

✅ No More Messy Accidents

✅ Quickly Teaches Your Toddler How To Use The Toilet By Themselves

✅ Promotes Excellent Hygiene Habits For A Healthy Adult Life

✅ Loved, Trusted & Highly Recommended By Leading Australian Pediatricians

✅ 5,000+ Happy Customers Australia-Wide

✅ Australian Owned, Operated & Shipped Locally

✅ Risk Free - 14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

✅ Buy Now, Pay Later - AfterPay & PayPal Available

Loved By Over 5,000+ Australian Toddlers & Parents

The Toddler Toilet Trainer is meticulously designed to make the transition from nappy to toilet seamless. It's comfortable, safe, and perfectly sized for little ones, making them eager to use it. Best of all, it’s recommended by elite Pediatricians and Child Development Specialists in Australia.

Have your little one join over 5,000+ Happy Australian toddlers who’ve ditched the nappies and become confident, independent and self reliant in the bathroom with our Toddler Toilet Trainer.

Save $1,000’s On Nappies Every Year

Nappies are expensive and sometimes disgusting to change. The Toddler Toilet Trainer helps your child master the art of using the toilet, saving you $1,000’s of dollars as the cost of living rises. 

More than 85% of parents who used the Toddler Toilet Trainer reported that they would recommend them to other parents based on how much money they saved.

Why Your Little One Needs The Toddler Toilet Trainer

Regular “potties” are uncomfortable and ineffective. They hurt little ones by squatting on them. 

Creating an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere for toilet training is essential for your toddler’s success in the bathroom.

Over 80% of our customers reported that their children found the Toddler Toilet Trainer more comfortable than their traditional potty seats leading to faster training due to their little ones being more relaxed on the toilet.

No More Messy Accidents

For many parents, the fear of accidents creates anxiety around toilet training. Our Toddler Toilet Trainer is designed to minimise these mishaps, providing your toddler with the tools they need for success and peace of mind for you. 

Data from the Child Development Institute showed a 20-25% decrease in bathroom-related accidents when using ladder-style toilet trainers. No more anxious days spent hovering over them; instead, you can confidently step back and watch them thrive.

Positive Psychological Impact

The Toddler Toilet Trainer is designed to make little ones excited about learning a new skill. This positive association encourages consistency and reduces the stress often linked with toilet training.

Research from abroad found that children who used these style trainers were 30% more likely to show positive attitudes towards potty training and were 25% less likely to behave badly when it came to bed & bath time routines.

Simple To Use, Easy To Store & Cleaned In Seconds

The Toddler Toilet Trainer is so simple to use. All little one has to do is unfold it and place it on top of the toilet. When finished their business, they flush the toilet, fold their Toilet Trainer and pack it back in its place in the bathroom. Its adjustable legs make it usable for toddlers of all sizes meaning they can still use it as they grow.

To clean, simply rinse it off when you have a shower. Spray and wipe it down once a week or whenever you clean the bathroom. Its unique design makes unwanted liquids come right off.

Teaches Responsibility & Self Reliance For Toddler

Reducing the reliance on nappies isn't just about convenience; it's about raising a self-reliant, joyful child who understands the importance of good hygiene and personal responsibility.

The Toddler Toilet Trainer is your gateway to your little one’s long term wellbeing. It teaches them to prioritise cleanliness and self-care and instils responsibility by creating a sense of ownership over the trainer, something they learn to take care of.

Boosts Confidence, Independence & Self Reliance For Toddler

Confidence and independence go hand in hand. As your child masters toilet training with the Toddler Toilet Trainer, watch their self-esteem soar. Each successful trip to the toilet boosts their confidence not only in their abilities but also in taking on new challenges.

This sense of independence will spill over into other areas of their life, creating a belief in their capabilities from a very young age.

Reduces Your Stress As A Parent

Toilet training is often a long, hard process, filled with stress and complications.

The Toddler Toilet Trainer is a game-changer in providing an effective method that accelerates the learning curve. Toilet training becomes a brief, enjoyable phase as you watch your stubborn toddler transform into a confident, self-sufficient individual right before your eyes!

About The Materials Paragraph

It's made from premium, non-slip and toxic free material. This ensures the product is lightweight yet sturdy, making it easy for toddlers to use and for parents to clean and maintain. 

Non-toxic plastic is essential for young children. It’s free from harmful chemicals that could pose health risks. 

Additionally, the material's durability ensures the potty trainer can withstand repeated use and the rigours of an active toddler meaning it will last forever.

Feel Safe With A No Risk - 14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a No Risk - 14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading online Kids Toy store, if the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND.

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