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"My toddler can't get enough of this busy board! I love how it's helping her learn and explore different textures."
Jennifer E.

#1 Development Tool Recommended By Experts

Want to give your little one an unfair advantage when it comes to their confidence, independence and fine motor skills?

Our Montessori Busy Board has been proven to develop these essential executive skills in children and is a key developmental toy and tool you need to have in their toy room. Say goodbye to screen-time and hello to engaging self-directed fun and development!

Loved By Over 5,000+ Australian Toddlers & Highly Recommended By Child Development Specialists 

Child development specialists, educators, and therapists all trust the Montessori Busy Board as It helps children gain key skills for school success, socialising, and daily life. Studies have shown that children who play with these boards score  up to 15% higher in tests of cognitive and motor skills. These toys are an investment in their future growth and well-being.

Have your little one join over 5,000+ Happy Australian children who have ditched the screens and are quickly improving their fine motor skills with our Montessori Busy Board.

Benefits Of The Montessori Busy Board

✅ Less Time In Front Of Screens

✅ Keeps Kids Entertained For Hours - Over 20 Different Activities

✅ Proven To Calm Toddlers

✅ Perfect Gift Idea

✅ Multifunctional, Educational & Built To Last

✅ Full Sensory Play - Stimulates All 5 Senses

✅ Supports Imaginative Play &  Builds Social Skills

✅ Improves Cognitive Development & Problem Solving

✅ Enhances Coordination, Dexterity & Cognitive Abilities

✅ Promotes Independence, Confidence & Enhances Fine Motor Skills 

✅ Safe, Sturdy, Non-Toxic & BPA Free 

✅ Built With Long Lasting & Durable Materials

✅ Develops Communications Skills & Social Understanding

✅ Loved & Trusted By Leading Child Development Specialists

✅ 5,000+ Happy Customers Australia-Wide

✅ Australian Owned, Operated & Shipped Locally

✅ Risk Free - 14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Why Your Little One Needs A Montessori Busy Board

A Montessori Busy Board is key for a child's development. It combines play with learning in a way that is both fun and educational, and prepares children for real tasks. 

It fosters fine motor skills, and boosts thinking. As well as helping with sensory processing through hands-on activities. It promotes independence and builds confidence and provides a screen-free option that captivates their attention. 

How It Works

The Montessori Busy Board is designed to captivate and engage children through a variety of hands-on activities. It features over 20 interactive components such as locks, latches, zippers and switches. All crafted to be both fun and educational, keeping kids entertained for hours. 

Each element on the board encourages children to explore, manipulate, and discover, fostering an environment of self-directed learning. By engaging in these tactile activities, children develop critical cognitive and motor skills that are essential for their growth and development.

Reduce Screen Time Without Tantrums

The Montessori Busy Board engages children and holds their attention because it’s hands on. This means a reduction in their reliance on screens, like TVs and iPads. 

Studies have shown that excessive screen time harms children. It hurts their attention spans and cognitive development. Our Busy Board stimulates their senses and minds and develops healthier habits.

Boosts Problem-Solving Skills & Understanding Of Cause And Effect

Playing with the Montessori Busy Board helps children improve their problem-solving skills. It also helps their understanding of cause and effect - how things work. Kids need critical thinking skills to connect their actions to outcomes. 

Research shows that enhanced fine motor & problem solving skills at age 4, results in better maths and reading ability in primary school. 

Recommended By Occupational Therapists

The Montessori Busy Board is great for kids with delays or disabilities. It has activities that can be customised to their needs and it helps them build skills at their own pace. 

Early childhood educators find it useful in classrooms because it supports different learning levels and styles, improving focus and independence.

Occupational therapists also value the board, with 85% reporting significant improvements in children's fine motor skills and practical life skills.

Improves Enhancing Hand-Eye Coordination & Dexterity

The busy board improves fine motor skills. It does this by encouraging children to play with small objects. This hands-on interaction improves hand-eye coordination and dexterity. 

These skills are crucial for everyday tasks later in life, like writing and using utensils. A study found that children who did fine motor activities improved by 15% over six months. They showed better hand-eye coordination and dexterity. 

What Is The Montessori Method?

Our busy board follows the Montessori method of learning. It provides a prepared environment where children can do hands-on activities.

Montessori emphasises learning through exploration and play. This helps kids develop independence and confidence. Studies show that Montessori students often outperform their peers. One study found they scored up to 80% higher in executive skills like hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Improves Sensory Processing & Integration

Sensory play is key for children's development. It helps them understand the world. The Montessori Busy Board has diverse textures, colours, and movements giving a rich sensory experience that stimulates processing.

Studies show that children who engaged in sensory play were 20% better at problem solving than kids who didn’t.

Teaches Practical Life Skills - Builds Confidence & Independence

The Montessori Busy Board includes over 20+ activities. Each mimics a real-life task and helps children develop skills in daily life and boosts children's confidence and independence when they master each activity. 

85% of therapists reported significant improvements in children's independence and practical life skills when using toys like the Montessori Busy Board regularly and Montessori students often outperform their peers in social and behavioural measures.

Quality Materials - Safe &  Durable Play

High-quality, non-toxic wood makes up the Montessori Busy Board. It's safe and durable. We choose these components to keep children safe. 

They have no toxins and are durable for intense play. The board is sturdy with smooth finishes on the edges to ensure that it will last a long time as an educational tool for your child.

Feel Safe With A No Risk - 14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

 Feel safe with a No Risk - 14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading online Kids Toy store, if the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND.


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