Wooden Rainbow Stacker

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Want your children to learn their colours and build their motor skills at the same time?

That’s where the Wooden Rainbow Stacker comes in. It’s multifunctional and open ended design provides your little ones with endless possibilities for play.

The eco-friendly Wooden Rainbow Stacker is great for the environment, which means you will never have to throw it away. Now earth conscious buyers can make plastic toy waste a thing of the past with our Eco friendly Wooden Rainbow Stacker!

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About The Wooden Rainbow Stacker

Our Montessori designed Wooden Rainbow Stacker is the open ended toy that every child needs in their bedroom. This toy is their introduction to colour knowledge.

It’s non toxic-water, water-based paint means that it is safe for your little ones. They can stack, build and create open ended worlds with their imaginations.

With mu, or dad they can also learn the colours of the rainbow together.


✅ Multifunctional For Endless Fun

✅ Teach Your Kids Their Colours Early

✅ Non-Toxic & Safe For Your Kids

✅ Builds Motor Skills & Coordination

✅ Eco-Friendly & Safe For The Environment

✅ Most Popular Wooden Toy

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Why Your Children Should Stop Playing With Plastic Toys

Plastic is killing the environment more and more every year. 90% of all birds and fish are believed to have plastic particles in their stomach.

When plastic toys are thrown out, the plastic breaks up and makes its way to the sea and is then consumed by fish and other sea animals.

Our Wooden Rainbow Stacker shows your children the importance your family places on the environment as well as giving them a great multifunctional toy they will spend hours finding new and exciting ways to use.

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